Category: Scary

  • My New Pet Orb Weaver Spider

    As I was mowing the grass in my back yard two weeks ago, I was startled by a huge spider that crept out from under a board on our fence. I wanted to take some pictures of it but after I finished mowing it was gone. Today, however, the same spider (I assume) kindly relocated…

  • Outsourced Pest Control

    I spotted this creepy spider while I was getting the mail this evening. Scary! Anyone know what type of spider this is?

  • I Feel Like a Cannibal

    Today I had the strangest experience ever. My dentist decided I needed a root canal so I went to the endodontist to have the operation. They put a rubber dam around the tooth which was no fun because it covered my mouth, so my only breathing option was through my nose. As the doctor began…

  • Quote of the Day

    Chris B: I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Me being a programmer is like a tool-using ape building star ships.

  • The Kilobyte

    It seems so appropriate after my recent bout with Time Warner’s customer service about the difference between megabits and megabytes that XKCD should publish this comic: