I Feel Like a Cannibal

Root CanalToday I had the strangest experience ever. My dentist decided I needed a root canal so I went to the endodontist to have the operation. They put a rubber dam around the tooth which was no fun because it covered my mouth, so my only breathing option was through my nose.

As the doctor began drilling, a cloud of bone dust and bone chips filled the air. Because of the position in which I was situated, my choice was to breathe in this horrific material or suffocate. I reluctantly inhaled the dust and was utterly disgusted by both the smell and how it clogged my nose, making it even harder to breathe. This carried on for a good four or five minutes. After the drilling subsided I exhaled forcefully through my nose and a spray of white dust covered the protective apron I was wearing.

While the operation wasn’t painful…yet (my anesthetics are still working)…it was such a strange sensation breathing my own body in and out. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Yuuuuuuck!




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  1. Unlucky idoit Avatar
    Unlucky idoit

    this is exactly what i felt, but i still felt a little pain.
    i had this operation 4 times, and they only installed 3 crowns.

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