Category: Programming

  • DD-WRT for the win!

    Today I was faced with a difficult wireless networking scenario: looooong house, many thick walls.   The topography is as follows: Comp A Router Comp B The house is older so the walls are very, very solid and RF-absorbing. The old setup involved a Linksys WRT54GX (802.11 b/g) as the router in the middle, a […]

  • Quote of the Day

    Honestly, I didn’t even think about encryption. It’s so obsolete now. ~Mark R.

  • SQL Server Query Analyzer Results to Excel (TSV)

    I tried to run a query today and have the results go to a file. The output was a ton of rows with only one column. If you need to output query analyzer results to a format compatible with Excel just do the following: Go to “Tools” Click “Options” Click the “Results” tab Under “Results […]