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  • Speed Up That Cheap Website with Cheap Amazon S3

    Do you have an economy-grade website host? Me too. BlueHost is great for only $6.95 per month but its response times and transfer rates are terrible. Fear not — Amazon S3 to the rescue. For pennies a day you can supplement your cheap website host using Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). Amazon S3 is storage…

  • Quote of the Day

    I got to listen in to a hilarious game of 20 Questions today. Derek: Do I eat it? Jon: No. Derek: Then how is it going to make my day?

  • Quote of the Day

    Chris B: I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Me being a programmer is like a tool-using ape building star ships.

  • DD-WRT for the win!

    Today I was faced with a difficult wireless networking scenario: looooong house, many thick walls.   The topography is as follows: Comp A Router Comp B The house is older so the walls are very, very solid and RF-absorbing. The old setup involved a Linksys WRT54GX (802.11 b/g) as the router in the middle, a…

  • I Want One!

    What an amazing robot. Imagine how many more important things you could do instead of cleaning the house!