My Weight Loss Journey [Phase 2 of ?]

Today marks the one-year anniversary since I started my crazy diet.

Starting weight: 223.2
Today’s weight:  181.8
Total Loss:       41.4 pounds

Screenshot of Graph

You can see the major drop starting in August of 2012. I hit my goal weight in October of 2012 and have been maintaining ever since then. My lowest weight was about 169 and I hit that shortly before Thanksgiving. Since then I’ve been hanging steady from 175-185.

Ideally I would like to lose about 15 pounds of fat and gain 15 pounds of muscle. Let’s see…that would put me at 181.8 pounds :-p

It’s been amazing how much better I feel physically and how much more energy I have. I pray that God will use my new body in awesome ways for His glory!



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