What have I been reading lately?

Since I became a Christian in 2009, my desire to read has really exploded. I used to loathe reading, but after spending time in God’s Word, I find that I really enjoy reading. Here’s what I’ve consumed recently*:

*Note: These are in order of when I purchased them, not necessarily when I read them.

I’m not going to rate these books individually. I have truly enjoyed every single one of them, and highly recommend all of them. You know yourself better than I do. Take a look at them and see what you think might interest you or be beneficial for you.


What books have you read that you think would help me?



One response to “What have I been reading lately?”

  1. I love to see people’s lists of books they’ve read. Interesting list–will have to add to my list!I read Heaven is for Real–will have to read the one about 23 minutes in Hell. WHoa! Gary Royals recommended The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell. We have 2 copies–if you would like to borrow one. Its very in depth so I haven’t gotten very far but Gary highly recommended it when we were taking Disciple. Blessings!

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